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Don't try to fit in...

The message here is loud, clear and simple. Don't try to fit in. Period.

Wether, you've moved across continents, changed schools, transferred universities, switched jobs, joined a club, a new activity group, doesn't matter. Be yourself, work on improving yourself, observe, learn and apply, but don't try to fake who you are. Even if it's for a gorgeous girl across the bar checking you out. DON'T FAKE WHO YOU ARE!

The reason I'm trying to help you visualize different settings, is that every person/group you meet/connect/make a bond/establish a relationship with is always secondary over the quality of relationship you have with your self, and it's of utmost importance to have that key relationship (you have with yourself) right.

You must know who you are, where you stand and where do you want to be, and it takes more than a day to discover who you actually are. Everyone's unique and special in their own way, everyone has their ingenuity, their own talent/skills/X-factor, we just need to learn more about these and channel our energy on sharpening these edges.

Whensoever you're in a new setting, a new group, glancing that stranger across the bar, there's certainly a variance in demographic but the right way to bridge that gap is not to lie about who you are or make desperate attempts at trying to fit-in or act like you're one of 'em. It's not important and most of all, doesn't help. Sense the gaps, observe and discover the traits/techniques that are good to learnt and adopt 'em as your behavior, practice and polish the niche so it becomes second nature but never in a million even trillion years put your ingenuity and integrity on the line. Again, OBSERVE->LEARN->ADAPT ( positive behaviors only). Before you know it, you'll have a version of yourself you'll become deeply proud of. Viola!

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