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Find your champions!

What does it mean? Am I talking about recruitment/hiring/building a team?

In a way, you know how all of us are focused on growth in different facets of our lives ?

Consider it an advise if you may. Usually, most people are capable of being an all-rounder themselves, some of us have sticking points, some of us need a little help in achieving our goals, some of us can be our own coaches too. However, what I'm proposing to you, is to go out and find your champions, people who're professionally trained in a certain area and can coach you to success in that dimension/facet of life.

Remember how Robin Sharma suggests paying for a personal trainer is an investment, this is true for just about any skill you want to learn / acquire / grow. It does two things :

  • Ensures you're growing in an extra dimension of your personality/are acquiring a new skill. (An upgrade, if you will).

  • Gives you more headspace to focus on extra/new goals/expansion.

On the left hand side you see a couple pictures of my champions, be sure to check them out!

Keep growing, Stay Awesome!

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