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Just Getting Started

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Three simple words, profound meaning. A plead to initiate, your passion riding on a Tesla, a hunch on the marvellous future of your current trajectory, or a proclamation from within...

City of Love(Paris).. from atop the Eiffel Tower..

Life can be a bit unpleasant sometimes, other times you could just be sheltered out of luck/blessings acquired by the rights you've done, or the wrongs you've righted. In such a moment where you don't feel you have what it takes, to take the world on, just take a deep breath and look into the mirror and recall all your proudest moments.

“It was the first grey in my beard, that announced to me, the wisdom I had acquired through time”

Looking back, were those the proudest of choices you made? If your answer is you'd do it all over again, then yes! A graph can be just a straight line, but a straight line from a distance is just a dot and a wave, with all its crests and troughs in all it's glory could very well produce an illusion of a straight line.

The feeling you get from that little exercise we just walked through, is the feeling I'm talking about. Feeling secure within, exuberating, illuminating that emanating surge of energy from within, that yes, "I am here and it's been quite a ride, but you know what, I'm just getting started". Or, if you're indeed on the brink of initiating something, and pleading to yourself to take the matter up in your own hands, Do it! The feeling of 'just getting started' is more than worth anything. Ciao for now.

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