• Prince

Whatever's happening around you is a state...

of being. Period.

Whatever’s happening around you, in your life, with people you know, with people they know, in lives of people you know, in lives of people they know, it's all just a state of being.

How you ask?

Allow me to explain, I’ll try to break it down, say you feel you’re hungry and you decide to eat at your favorite restaurant; what do you do?

You step out,

catch a mode of transport,

get to the restaurant,

get a table,

order food,

food arrives,

you eat it,

you pay for it (Don’t forget to tip! ),

and then you’re done with your hunger (say for a few hours).

But if you think, of this entire scenario as a process, and say you are a Machine (yeah the future is a little bit further where there will be no difference in Man or Machine, doesn’t matter, although, human body itself is a complex machine, but we’ll may be take that up later), you were in different stages / states of being performing various activities starting from your place through to the time you finally ate your food and paid for it.

All of these moments, were a state of being, you progressed from one to another and so on, to achieve what you decided, but was that your entire story?


The point I’m making is this, whatever’s going around you is not ‘your story’, it’s an arbitrary point in time (always moving), so your story is yet to be defined and is consistently being defined, by every choice/move you make.

Food for thought.

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